About Us

About Us

Mission Statement /Our Philosophy

Mission Statment

Ethical ethical day care aims to create a setting which children will find comfort and kindness as well an abundance of opportunity for self-discovery. Ethical day care belives in having the right to be treated qeually and with respect regardless of religion, culture or gender.

 Service Philosophy Statement

  • The rights and best interests of the child are paramount
  • Children are successful, competent and capable learner
  • The principles of equity, inclusion and diversity underly the National Law
  • That Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued
  • That the role of parents and families is respected and supported
  • That best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services.
  • To ensure a Ethical centred approach: responsive to; individual needs of children and families, differing cultures and child rearing practices and the changing needs of children, families and the community.
  • To provide opportunities for children to experience a variety of developmentally and culturally appropriate activities, materials and experiences, that meets the individual needs of each child in care and encourages them to be actively involved in the learning process.
  • To provide an environment for children where high standards of safety, health and hygiene are maintained.
  • To ensure that all FDC practices are conducted in a professional manner.
  • To encourage the participation of staff, FDC Educators, and parents in relevant decision-making processes.
  • To ensure that the service complies with State Child Care Regulation, National quality standards, Department of Education and Training policies.
  • To meet demand by registering FDC Educators who meet the service’s selection criteria.
  • To support and resource FDC Educators in their day to day work.
  • To liaise with community groups and agencies through the development of support networks.
  • To provide practical supervised experiences, when appropriate, for students who are undertaking early child care education.

The care environment in our Ethical Day Care will give children every day learning experiences and stimulating activities with a daily routine that cater for the needs of the individual child.
Ethical Day Care is a place of safe, entertaining, happy learning centre which reflects the child‘s culture and their individual achievement. Educator encourages each child‘s development in close consultation with parents and
fieldworkers and the Scheme manager in order to reach each child‘s potential with personalized planning.
We believe that all children are equal and should have the chance to participate in positive learning experiences and opportunities regardless of age, ethnicity, and level of ability, gender or religion. Ethical day Care should be provided to a child in a way that stimulates and develops the child‘s creative, emotional, intellectual, lingual, physical, recreational and social potential.
In order to achieve this goal, we will offer a quality home based childcare service that is affordable and responsive to the needs of families in the community.
Our aim is to develop resource and manage a EthicalDay Care service that fulfils the needs of the community. We will work in partnership with families to provide professional and high quality care for children.
To improve the service continually, we seek to obtain valuable contribution from parents, Educator, Co-ordination unit and Management.
We believe children in our Ethical day care will benefit from the efforts we put in their development.
Our passion and commitment is to assist children to grow to be confident and socially competent members of the community who engage respectfully with others as they positively embrace the diversity of experiences offered in life. The Service embraces the principles of Access and Equity, Fairness and Social Justice and will ensure that all children and families accessing the service are treated with dignity and respect.


It is Ethical FDC policy that all educators working directly with the children must maintain a current first aid qualification, anaphylaxis qualification and an asthma management qualification to be able to care for your child in case of an emergency. If your child requires, asthma medication, an epi-pen or ana-pen you must notify the Approved Provider upon enrolment.

There must be an appropriate number of first aid kits at each education and care service. When deciding how many kits are needed, approved providers must consider the number of children and staff, and where kits will be kept.

First aid kits should be checked regularly to make sure they are fully stocked and products have not expired. The Guide to the National Law and National Regulations has information to help decide what items to include and procedures for keeping kits current (see pages 61-62).

There are five overall ratings:

    Significant Improvement Required
    Working Towards National Quality Standard
    Meeting National Quality Standard
    Exceeding National Quality Standard

Providers with services rated Exceeding can apply to ACECQA for the fifth rating of Excellent.

The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets benchmarks for the quality of children’s education and care services in Australia. The NQS highlights the importance of children’s development and education as well as relationships with families. 
Services are assessed and rated against seven quality areas, 18 standards and 58 elements that make up the NQS. Each service receives an overall NQS rating and a rating for each of the seven quality areas.
For more information, see the National Quality Standard page in the NQF section of this website.

Family day care is an approved form of child care that is provided in the family day care educator’s own home. Family day care educators are early childhood education and care professionals, registered with a family day care service that is responsible for approving, supporting, training and advising its educators. Education and care is provided by an individual educator who is an approved early childhood education and care professional working with small groups of no more than four children under school age.

A centre-based service is an education and care service other than a family day care service. This typically includes most long day care, preschool and outside school hours care services that are delivered at a centre.

Early childhood qualified staff (area coordinators) work specifically in the field to monitor and support educators and the children in their care.

The area coordinators visit the educator's home to ensure care is provided to required government standards; observe children; providing developmental and behavioral suggestions and support to the educators.


  • As a parent I am happy with Child Wise Family Day Care Educators. The Educators home is safe and clean. And they follow the law and regulation of the government. They care the children very well.

    Parent - Christine
  • "The transition to Child Wise Family Day Care has been so simple and easy for us and more importantly for our early learning educator and our children.  The whole experience was very caring and positive."

    Parent - Dhani